Crate Minds: Graz

Crate Minds: Graz

Sydney's one and only Graz took the painstaking task of selecting his all time record sleeves from his jumbo collection and by doing so, raising the Crate Minds stakes. Enjoy.

Lotterboys - Blazer (2005)

"Such a good cover, wouldn't mind doing that to a few people.

Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery (1979)

"Great tracks, worthy album. This album has the all time classic "Last Train To London".

Walter Carlos - Switched-On Bach (1968)

"I was digging through a Vintage HiFi shop in Newtown with Hoodrat and he pulled this one out and said "gotta have this, dude". I looked at the cover and bought it straight away. It's very kooky. Electronic versions of famous classical music."

Playgroup - Make it Happen (2000)

"Sick Tune. Classic from back in the Bang Gang days. Looks like she's giving the cunnilingus. Sexe."


Small Time Cuts - It Takes a Muscle (2010)

"Probably my favourite cover of all time and the tune inside is a Ripper! Such a good last song of the night. If you find a copy of this record buy it - only 300 pressed."

New Musik - Warp (1982)

"A must have. This cover is so good, because the record is called 'Warp', the writing is warped and when you run your hand over the sleeve - it's actually warped! If they meant to do that, it's cool. Or this copy got left out in the rain and I am a lucky customer."

Talking Heads - Little Creatures (1985)

"Amazing Album. Great Cover. Includes the tracks "Road to Nowhere", "And She Was", and "Stay Up Late".

Pilooski - AAA (2010)

"Cool record. Great cover. This is hopefully what I will look like when I'm older.

Orlando Riva Sound - Body to Body Boogie (1979)

"Such a cool group and this is a great release. I bought it for one of my favourite disco tracks, "Moon Boots". It's so good it should be a ring tone."

June 4, 2010 at 1:05pm in crate minds



04.09.14 - Movement

Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane, Australia

05.09.14 - Movement

Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, Australia

06.09.14 - Movement

Newtown Social Club, Sydney, Australia

10.09.14 - Movement

Newtown Social Club, Sydney, Australia

13.09.14 - Cut Copy

Samsung Hall, Manila, Philippines

16.09.14 - Cut Copy

The Republik, Honolulu, HI

20.09.14 - Movement

The Beacham Theatre, Orlando, FL, USA

21.09.14 - Movement

Grand Central, Miami, FL, USA

24.09.14 - Movement

Cannery Ballroom, Nashville, TN, USA

26.09.14 - Movement

9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA

27.09.14 - Movement

Union, Philadelphia, PA, USA

29.09.14 - Movement

Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA, USA

30.09.14 - Movement

Terminal 5, New York, NY, USA

02.10.14 - Movement

Virgin Mobil Corona Theatre, Montreal, OC, USA

03.10.14 - Movement

Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, ON, USA

04.10.14 - Movement

St Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI, USA

07.10.14 - Movement

Metro, Chicago, IL, USA

08.10.14 - Movement

First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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