Crate Minds: Nazi Knife (Part 2)

This week it's Jonas' turn to take the stage and guide us through his cover art safari. In true Nazi Knife fashion Jonas' selection strays from the clean and considered to the extra-terrestrial.



"I can't say why I like this one so much. Crappy xerox print glued on raw cardboard. Stupid Simpsons joke, or kind of. Point is I like it a lot. Everything makes some sort of nonsense all together, music and art. And the music is great."

Scraping Foetus Of The Wheel - Nail

"I hesitated between that one and 'Thaw'. I was pretty much into Foetus when I was 16 or so. His soviet-like artworks were great (like the 'Hole' LP), but that one was really my favorite."

Skullflower - Form Destroyer

"Favorite band ever. When I was in art school, I used to go a lot in the Wave record shop in Nancy, run by Gerard Nguyen, who was also running the DSA label. And there were all those Skullflower LPs i didn't know then, like the Xaman one. I only went back there few years after and this was the only one left. Heavy and loud picture, with a deep psychedelic tone."

The Chameleons - Strange Times

"Always loved their artworks. Pretty awful, I know, but so perfect in their sick/cute way."

The Residents - George & James

"George and James are George Gershwin and James Brown, of course. Ugly avant-garde computer artworks. They have been a huge graphic influence on me. I wanted also to include the 'Not Available' record cover. And the 'Third Reich and Roll'. And 'Fingerprince'..."

Thobbing Gristle - D.o.A

"Purest cover. Great photography, great light, great typo. Purest band. I love so much the way they added a small picture on the right bottom. A picture of a small girl showing her panty, right."

Ultra - Spray/Death/Ultra

"Christoph Heeman's artwork. It's another one I was seeing a lot as an art student when I was browsing LPs at the Wave record shop. This is somehow a kind of dreamy/psychedelic brother to all those cold indus records I was collecting. Hippie-indus style."

Vegas Martyrs - The Female Mind

"I guess Dominick Fernow made this one. I like the way the band's logo is raw but also put at the same level than the two other pictures. Some crudeness mixed with coldness. I also like the stupid 'Female Mind / Labyrinth' analogy."

Wiseblood - Motorslug

"From the same era than the Foetus record. It looks like an Ed Ruscha's joke. I hesitated to include their 'Dirtdish' output, but that one is great also because of its minimalism. I'm still not sure if I really like it, which is a good thing, I guess."

Zos Kia - Be Like Me

"Credited as performers are Best and Gazza. I was always wondering if those were aliases of real musicians or if that was just an hommage to George Best (whose portrait is on the front) and Paul Gascoigne, who are basically my two favorite soccer players ever. Zos Kia is John Gosling of Psychic TV. It seems that the Coil core is not on this record, but Alex Binnie, of Pure and Skullflower, is."

February 28, 2011 at 11:18am in crate minds



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