Crate Minds: Seahawks

Pete Fowler and Jon Tye are a couple of salty sea dogs who make wonderful, windswept, soft sand dance under the name of Seahawks.

Fowler is also a long-time guru of the arts known perhaps primarily for his Monsterism graphic universe and his ongoing work with Super Furry Animals, while Tye has a long and illustrious musical history that includes being captain of the good ship known as Lo Recordings. So it goes without saying that as well as being lovers of out-there atmospherics, they also admire a special sleeve. Here are some of their favourites, plus a mix they've made from tracks off albums within these sleeves.

Seahawks new album 'Invisible Sunrise' is out now.

Steve Miller Band - Sailor (Pete)

Possibly the invention of cosmic galleon rock music AND artwork within this LP. Very early SMB from '68 but way ahead of their time. We love a bit of foghorn ambience and this track song For Our Ancestors is one of the best with some liquid sailing guitar playing in the bow waves.

I bought this LP on the cover alone many years ago from a hippy at a car boot sale in Cornwall, in fact I bought the majority of the Steve Miller Band LPs from him for a steal. Hard times.

The Nonesuch Guide To Electronic Music with Beaver & Krause (Pete)

Great cover that pretty much visually describes the sounds and music contained within this record, entirely made on a Moog lll by Beaver & Krause. I love the painting on the cover, it could be taken as an experimental score or an interpretation of the wild and varied sounds, it would be a wild print for a shirt to wear whilst playing a Moog lll. It reminds me of Bob Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and all those cats if they were jamming together on a canvas while listening to this.

Magical Ring - Light Flight, More and More (Jon)

Great and kind of scary cover ... why IS she naked under the cold blue moon? Amazing record. I met the guys who made it in Paris one time, we wanted to remix it but they didn't have the multi track tapes any more.

Amanda Lear - Never Trust A Pretty Face (Jon)

I remember buying this in Berlin for 2 euros ... the guy I was staying with had told me that there weren't any good record shops nearby, I walked down the street and there was one called 'Freak Out' full of great records including this one and lots by Eloy, Eroc and Deuter. A good day.

Hall & Oates - Bigger Than Both Of Us (Jon)

What can we say ... it's Hall and Oates at their best ... on a spaceship ... eating Ritz crackers and drinking red wine ... way to go H&O!

Marc Jordan - Mannequin (Pete)

This cover is so late 70's perfect, half expecting the 80's with it's pastel hues and heavy retouching but the woman in the mask totally throws it into an odd scene. Marc's white suit and pink short combo is really working and I know he's a role model for Jon in that respect. I always imagine what kind of shoes he's wearing when I look at this cover. Espadrilles would be too obvious. Maybe ballet shoes. Great LP, very smooth and periodically funky. Includes the yacht rock 'anthem' Marina Del Rey.

Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly (Jon)

This is one fucked up cover but hey you gotta go with it ... and the track is great ... love the image of roller girl moving across the floor to this at Studio 54.

Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor (Jon)

This is possibly my fave album cover ever ... not sure why but it has some kind of mystical significance for me ... it's by Alton Kelly of Mouse & Kelly who did so many amazing designs including a lot of the Grateful Dead covers ... I remember it from when it came out, I think my brother or one of his friends had it ... great music too.

Fleetwood Mac - Mystery To Me (Pete)

I slept on this record for ages before I really listened to it. A truly insane cover! Can you imagine being delivered that as a band or was it their idea? What you can't see is on the reverse there's a penguin, one of FM's signature animals. The track we've chosen from this is a real balearic groover.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Betrayed in the Octagon (Pete)

The Cap'n turned me onto OPN some years back and although his artwork is at times, quite simple it really evokes the music and Dan Lopatin's washed out and zoned out world of deep synth explorations. This in particular I like because it's screen printed on some really heavy board. It kind of looks like a new age LP but with dark cracks to the theory, I think that may sum up some of the music on this record. Broken new age (in a good way).

Seahawks Crate Minds Mix by modularpeople

1. Steve Miller Band - Song For Our Ancestors
2. Beaver& Krause - Peace Three
3. Magical Ring - Light Flight
4. Amanda Lear - Black Holes
5. Hall & Oates - Falling
6. Marc Jordan - Survival
7. Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly
8. Harvey Mandel - Cristo Redentor
9. Fleetwood Mac - Emerald Eyes
10. 0neohtrix Point Never - Betrayed in the Octagon

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