Modcast #148: No Regular Play

No Regular Play are classically trained childhood friends that produce elegant dance music, reaching the pinnacle with last year's album Endangered Species. Watchdogs of the infamous Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn and tight with the Wolf + Lamb collective, the duo also gave Villa's 'Mint' a classy future disco stroke for Club Mod #005.

They've turned in this week's super-smooth Modcast, ready to wind you up for the weekend. Playlist and interview after the jump.

Where in the world are you now and what are you doing?
Right now I'm in Brooklyn, NY, at the Marcy Hotel finishing up turn down service for our lovely guests.

For those who have never been to a party at The Marcy, what are they missing?
One of the best house parties around, an extremely warm atmosphere with close friends and great music.

Can you explain the importance that the Wolf + Lamb crew has played in the existence of No Regular Play?
They've been extremely important to our existence. Zev and Gadi were the first ones to take interest in our music, released our first EP, invited us into their home (where we currently live), and have been supportive every step of the way. The tight-knit crew they've built keeps us all enjoying what we do even more.

New York seems like a particularly vibrant scene with the Red Bull Music Academy in session. Moroder DJ sets, Brian Eno keynotes, DFA's 12th anniversary. Sneaking into any of the action?
Unfortunately most of the events were sold out before I thought about getting tickets, but I did catch Metro Area's first NY live set in 10 years. We were also interviewed for one of the short doc's Red Bull is producing, and threw a party where we played a new live set which was caught on film.

What does your perfect day out of the studio exist of?
Probably just walking around Brooklyn, day drinking, eating out, playing some ping pong.

Our New York office is hungry. Where's your favourite spot to eat?
Dram, Post Office and La Superior, all places nearby in Williamsburg are our go-to spots. We spend about half our paychecks at these 3 spots alone.

Could you imagine living anywhere else?
Not at the moment. As long as we don't get priced out, we'll be here! If I did move it'd probably be somewhere with a little more peace and quiet, which I guess could be just about anywhere.

Which new producers are you tripping on at the moment?
New members of the W+L family, Navid Izadi and Nick Monaco, have some great releases on W+L and the new Soul Clap Records. I'm really into the new album from Beacon on Ghostly, love everything from Toro Y Moi, and a/jus/ted (a collab from Justin Strauss and Teddy Mars) have a couple killer new singles.

What's next for No Regular Play?
We've got an EP coming out on Justin Miller's new imprint, Have A Killer Time Records, a remix of the aforementioned Beacon, some nice summer giggin', and a new live set which will include childhood friend and talented pianist, John Camp.

No Regular Play - Keep It Right (Tanner Ross Remix)
Velour - Dial
MTYU - The Way You Are
Rhye - Open (Jeff Samuel Faded Mix)
No Regular Play - El Dorado (Jacques Renault Remix)
a_jus_ted - A Brighter Light (Feat. Jeremy Glenn) Instrumental
Coma - My Orbit
No Regular Play - Won't Quit (Navid Izadi Remix)
Bobby Browswer - As Far As I Know
Les Sins - Grind
No Regular Play - Ice Cold Bottle
Baby Prince and Navid Izadi - Last Song Of The Dance
John Cale - Living With You (Laurel Halo Remix)

May 16, 2013 at 6:53pm in modcast



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