Modcast #153: Raf Daddy

Raf Daddy - aka Raphael Rundell - met Joe Goddard (taking time out from his day job as one fifth of Hot Chip) through a party scene that saw them share deck duties at the legendary Greco-Roman parties.

Upon venturing into the studio in an attempt to replicate some of the records that they'd lost themselves in the night before, Raf found himself laying down vocals over Joe's skipping, bassomatic backing tracks safe in the knowledge that they'd soon be replaced by someone with sweeter, more melodious tones. In the end, it was Raf's voice that characterized and personalized The 2 Bears.

If you're free and feeling spontaneous this weekend, he's playing FOR 2013 in Croatia, tickets available here. EX-YU passport holders are eligible for discounted tickets, grab yours.

Where are you and what were you doing before this interruption?
I'm in Ibiza nursing a hangover. We played on the terrace at space last night and stayed up too late getting up to no good.

I know that before 2 Bears you were very much on our side of the fence, that is working at a record label, but what was Raf Daddy up to musically prior to forming the duo?
Fantasising about being in a band mostly. I did a few remixes with my friend, super-producer Dan Carey. There's one of Fly Life by Basement Jaxx that we did about 5 or 6 years ago that still sounds alright

How do your DJ sets and mixes differ when you're just 1 Bear?
Kind of depends where I'm playing. I maybe play it a bit more bashy when I'm on my own. I do a lot less shouting on the mic too. Probably a good thing.

What are your usage directions for this concoction?
Bake and play.

The house music revival (if you want to call it that) is at fever pitch this summer, do you think there's any pockets of classic house yet to be mined, and if so, where would you like to see things go?
There's so much great house music there will always be more gems to unearth. I'm not sure revivalism is that healthy but I'm on shaky ground there really. It seems right now there's a bit of a resurgence of noisy techno like the stuff I used to dance to as a youth. Things that sound like they could have been on Tresor in the 90's. This is a good thing.

Your Gramme remix is an absolute pearler. What's the criteria for taking on a remix?
If we like the track and think we can have some fun with it, and if we have the time.

Is there a new 2 Bears album in the works?
Yes, the difficult second is well underway. Today it's called "When Fruit And Meat Collide".

June 20, 2013 at 5:56pm in modcast



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