Modcast #156: Lancelot

The knight of a different round table, Aussie DJ Lancelot and new Musique Agency signing is mixing his way around the globe; currently spending his days on European beaches and nights getting heavy in the clubs. He's put forth a Holy Grail of a mix for this week's Modcast, over an hour of slithering grooves and beats.

He's working on a couple of new EPs including an exciting collaboration with Antony & Cleopatra (Alex Burnett of Sparkadia & Anita Bray AKA Cocknbull Kid).

For a live fix, our European friends can catch him smashing Summer gigs in the coming weeks including sets at Kiki, Istanbul on the 23rd of August & Carpe Diem, Hvar on 29th and 30th of August.

Chat & tracklist below.

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You sent us your Modcast from sunny European shores. What have you got going on over there?
Currently doing a stint of shows through sunny Europe for the release of my second EP 'Thinking Of You'. I've got some writing sessions lined up too. Also riding bikes and sitting on beaches because, you know, summer in Europe.

This is your second trip to Europe... any classic touring mishaps to share or ridiculously amazing experiences?
Haha plenty - but we might have to discuss those another time... but seriously playing shows in foreign countries is always a humbling and beautiful experience though. Last night/morning I got invited to this heaving party on a private boat somewhere in Paris...When I went to leave in the morning I hired a bike and began to ride. 20 minutes later I discovered I was going in the exact opposite direction of my hotel. Barely made the train home.

Fresh out the blocks is your 'Thinking of You' EP on Nurvous Records. Enlighten us on this EP and your musical vibe right now?
The 'Thinking Of You' EP is a 2 track EP with 2 remixes from Menne & Mario Piu and Le Crayon. I wrote the song a long time ago and it went through many changes, structurally and instrumentally. I tried numerous singers on it but Whyte Fang's take stuck with me the most. The B-side is a club track called Rozette. I'm a big gear fiend when it comes to synths and also recording instruments in live. I play bass and guitar on 'Thinking Of You' and I'm slappin' the shit outta the bongos on both tracks as well. I guess musically I have matured since my debut EP - it is much more of a club oriented sound now. Coming from a background of playing in bands, it's been a learning curve but I'm really happy with how my sound is shaping up this year.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
Touring the Americas in October and releasing music! I have a couple of EPs cooking with some really interesting collaborators that I can't wait to get out there.

Do you have any aspirations to transform the DJ set into a live project?
Yep! Live show with a full band is on the way and will hopefully be debuted later this year. It's taken a while to get together, but that's because I want it to be 100% live, not me firing off a pre-recorded set via Ableton.

Who are Top 3 all-time knights?
(thank you Wikipedia)
Alexander Nevsky - Russia's number one knight as voted by the people of Russia in 2008.
Renaud de Montauban - He had a magic horse. I do not have a magic horse.
Lady Guinevere - Not actually a knight, but whattababe.

Bonar Bradberry - 3two5 (Mario Basanov Remix)
Lancelot - You'll Never Be Mine
Lone - Lying In The Reeds
Ejeca - Dazed
Le Rebrique - Damn It (Actual Proof Remix)
Lancelot - The Way I Feel About You
Eats Everything - Low To Hi
Erkka - Excommunication
Tom Trago - True Friends
Navid Azali - Feeling Purple (Soul Clap Remix)
HNNY - Boy
Lars Vegas - Break Me Down
Mercury - Rio
Isaac Tichaeur - This Is Trouble
Lancelot - Rozette
Wire People - Triangle Vision

July 25, 2013 at 2:25pm in modcast



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