Modcast #157: Standish/Carlyon

Standish/Carlyon are a two piece from Melbourne, made up of Conrad Standish and Tom Carlyon, formerly of revered shadowy rock group The Devastations. Deleted Scenes (out now on Chapter Music) is their debut album and sees the duo enter a world of shimmery dub pop and sounds for late night altered states. They've just signed recently with the Musique Agency!

They play Sydney next Friday 09th August at Goodgod Small Club alongside Horse Macguyver, Four Door and DJ Nigel Yang (HTRK). Tix available here.

Standish/Carlyon isn't your first musical outing, where might folks have seen you before?
Prior to this both Tom and I were in a band called Devastations, which was operational between 2002-2009. We made three albums and were based in Berlin and London for much of that time.

What was the motivation to start Standish/Carlyon and how would you say it differs to your previous work?
The motivation to start S/C arose from us randomly getting together after the breakup of Devastations, and writing 'Nono/Yoyo'. Tom was visiting me in London at the time and we just got together and hammered it out and kinda realised we were onto something. S/C differs from our previous work in that it is less song-based, in the sense there are less traditional structures to follow. Devastations was quite a miserable band as well, which S/C surely isn't.

You guys played ATP Festival in Melbourne, what was that experience like, I heard it was very hot?
It was very hot, but that's summer for you. We had a great time. We've known the ATP guys for quite a while now and have a lot of love and respect for what they do year in, year out. We kind of stood out like a sore thumb on that lineup last February, which was also a perverse pleasure.

Having spent a significant amount of time over in Europe the last few years, how are you finding being back amongst the Melbourne Music Scene?
I like the use of capitals. It's really nice being back in Melbourne. There's lot happening here, really far reaching, different scenes and practices. There's a new generation of people who came up under us I guess, who are super inspiring. Met a lot of great people since I got back and am continuing to do so.

You guys are big fans of Dub music, are there any artists in particular you would say have been a big influence on you?
Personally it's more the philosophy of dub that inspires me, more so than any one artist. The Adrian Sherwood On-U productions from the early 80's, that was my entrance point I guess. Creation Rebel, New Age Steppers et al. Tom, years ago, put me onto a thing Adrian Sherwood produced by Missing Brazilians which is the farthest out dub you'll ever hear. Absolutely mental, check it out. Aside from that stuff I love all the Wackies label's output. Love Joys, Sugar Minott, Wayne Jarrett, Horace Andy, it's a long list.

What are you listening to at the moment?
Rashad Becker's 'Traditional Music Of Notional Species' and Marina Rosenfeld's 'Hard Love' are the two newest releases I'm jamming. Older stuff - Finis Africae, Gang Starr and other DJ Premier productions, and Bill Kouligas soundcloud mixes.

Cypress Hill - Latin Lingo
Piero Umiliani - Flauto Africano
Kouhei Matsunaga - Purple Wind
Igor Wakhevitch - Aimanation
Psychic TV - Medmenham
Martin Rev - Venise
Cabaret Voltaire - Haiti
VVV - Resurrection River
Sensational - Juicy Lips
Autechre - Yulquen
Spectral Display - It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love
Laurie Anderson - Kokoku
Chris & Cosey - Morning
King Tubby - A Murderous Dub
Horace Andy - Love Hangover
New Age Steppers - Some Love
Eurythmics - This City Never Sleeps

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