Modcast #160: Larry Gus

Enter the mind of fun-loving lunatic Larry Gus, the Greek multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer. This 2 hour marathon recorded at his parents house with his dad's record collection leaves us the important message not to overlook his new album Years Not Living.

The recommended DFA release requires a packed lunch and a farewell to your loved ones. A trip through frenetic European prog, 70s spiritual jazz, pop obscura and modern sample culture. Avalanches and Tame fans take note!

We also got up close and personal with the man below.

You're now residing in Milan. Does basing yourself in Italy make the life of a musician easier? I can imagine this being a challenge in Greece with the state of the economy.

Well, things in Italy aren't that great either. The crisis hit the south and makes its way to the north. I guess things are still a little bit better in Milan (I don't know for how long though), considering how most of the Italian heavy industry resides here and in Torino. Also, there is the 2015 EXPO coming up, and there is some extra activity because of that.

I moved to Milan because my wife is an architect/designer and works here. Milan is really helping me regarding my musical activities, but not because of its music scene or anything, but mostly because things are really subdued here, and I keep feeling transparent, invisible and super focused on working. It's the best feeling in the world.

What is the music scene in Greece like and how do you fit in it?

Super diverse and extremely active. There are so many bands, it's literally unreal. You can easily catch a local show every night in Athens. But there is a lot of backstabbing involved though, and this makes things much more interesting in a way! If your guts can take it you can stay in Athens and keep playing music. i couldn't do it though, because i get overwhelmed super easily.

Where is your favourite place to hang out?

Walking around Milan (or any other place) with my girl. Or meeting up my buddies in Volos, Greece, driving around town and shouting obscenities to strangers. This never gets old.

You really went to town on this mix. A 2 hour session thats all over the map. Is there a concept behind it?

I did this mix while in Veria, Greece during August. I am staying at my mother's house, where still most of my records are. Among them are many of my father's and this somehow informed the selection. I edited down from a 3 and a half hour version. Whenever I am here in my hometown, the music I like listening to tends to be more laid-back somehow.

There are some chapters within the mix, for instance there is a gamelan-infused part, a freak-out rock part, some intense rhythmic workouts etc. I also used many tracks from a certain africa-themed weird and cheap sounding library record, and those tracks work as links between different chapters. Also there are many tracks that i could easily use as samples and they are presented exactly like that (sped-up, slowed down etc)

Your Madlib tribute mixtape turned a few heads. What is it about his productions that you gravitate towards? How have you applied his influence to your own music?

Mostly and above all, I always admired his work ethic (which i can only compare with Woody Allen), combined with his enormously huge huge huge balls. Well, let's just say that I try to grow some, but it's way too hard for me and painful. I am just a wuss.

Is your latest album title Years Not Living a reference to anything in particular? Was there a period where you actually lost time?

The years i spent worrying about my studies as a computer engineer instead of focusing on my music. Also, the title is an allusion to Life: A User's Manual and In Search of Lost Time.

How did you get signed to DFA?

I've been a DFA fanboy since forever, and i still can't believe the fact that they are working with me. My manager sent them my stuff and then they asked me to do the YACHT remix. They initially passed on Years Not Living and after some months of listening to it they decided to release it. Jonathan Galkin said "less Caribou, more Aphrodite's Child please". He definitely changed my life.

Darius Milhaud - Concerto For Percussion and Small Orchestra [Capitol, 1955]
Toby Dammit - Jolly Coppers On Parade (Alex Gopher Edit) [Tricatel, 2000]
Bookworms - Untitled (STE-024) [Unreleased]
Walt J - Reborn [Dow Records, 1997]
Spiros Emmanouilidis - Pattern 2 (Sped-Up) [Unreleased]
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Rahsaanica [Atlantic, 1971]
Lucio Battisti - La Canzone Della Terra [Numero Uno, 1973]
Les Aus - Cop De Gracia [Gravity, 2009]
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Elemental Child (Instrumental Outro) [Regal Zonophone, 1970]
Les Aus - Benvinguts Als Origens [Gravity, 2009]
Bo Hansson - Utflykt Med Forvecklingar [Silence, 1972]
Don Randi Trio - Love You To [Reprise, 1966]
Eric Copeland - Spangled (Excerpt) [Escho, 2011]
Daniel Padden - Flared Up By Love [Dekorder, 2011]
Gerhard Trede - Oasis 3 [Selected Sound, 1985]
Sergey Rodionov plays Stefan Goldmann - The Bribe [Schoolmap, 2011]
Sebatu Gong Kebyar - Gilak [Archiv Produktion, 1972]
Gerhard Trede - Safari [Selected Sound, 1985]
Mustapha Tettey Addy - Gome Drums and Songs [Tangent Records, 1972]
Thanasis Gkaifylias - Ekdromi [Minos EMI, 1975]
Gerhard Trede - Jungle Drums 1 [Selected Sound, 1985]
Aphrodite's Child - Day Of The Fool [Mercury, 1968]
Mo Kolours - Temi [One Handed Music, 2012]
Bo Hansson - Vandringsvisa [Silence, 1972]
The Moody Blues - The Sun Set [Deram, 1967]
Gerhard Trede - African Village 4 [Selected Sound, 1985]
Toby Dammit - Escape From Fire Island (An Erotic Fantasy) (Alex Gopher Edit) [Tricatel, 2000]
Don Randi Trio - Eleanor Rigby [Reprise, 1966]
Dorothy Ashby - For Some We Loved [Cadet Records, 1970]
Gerhard Trede - Jungle Drums 2 [Selected Sound, 1985]
Hanno Leichtmann - Faster! Moondog! Kill! Kill!! (Sped-Up) [Dekorder, 2011]
"Mama" Bea Tekielski - Les Mots [RCA Victor, 1977]
Urlich P. Lask - Ordnung [ECM, 1984]
Horis Peridereo - Eghromi Gripi [Lestrigona, 1985]
Horis Peridereo - Votka [Lestrigona, 1985]
Instructions - Don't Say Love (Sped-Up) [Quality, 1980]
Electric Light Orchestra - Showdown [United Artists Records, 1973]
The Alan Parsons Project - The Fall Of The House Of Usher (part 5: Fall) [20th Century Records, 1976]
Fantastikoi Hxoi - Ypo Prismatos [Unreleased]
Diana & Marvin - Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) (Sped-Up) [Tamla Motown, 1973]
U.N.P.O.C. - Here On My Own [Domino, 2003]

September 5, 2013 at 12:51pm in modcast



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