Modcast #161: Shine 2009

Kick back in the Eurozone with Shine 2009's Sami Suova as he flicks through a timeless selection of 90s drum'n'bass, trip hop and r'n'b mixed with modern sensations. Part nostalgia session, part mining boom of neglected hits, 100% taste.

The Finnish duo's stellar Our Nation album drops October 15 on Cascine in North America and Modular internationally. We sit down with the band's smooth and confidently cool voice below to discus their fateful meeting and collaboration with Paula Abdul.

How did you and Mikko meet?

It was around 2005. We've known each other for ages. I had heard Mikko's music (his band called Regina) online, went to see their show and I think we just started talking. From the very beginning we've shared very similar tastes when it comes to both music production and songwriting, so it was pretty smooth sailing. We were instantly able to cut the small talk.

Who contributes what to Shine 2009?

We both write songs and produce. Most of the songs have been started by either one of us on our own, and then we just continue working on them together until both of us are satisfied.

There are some great 90s throwbacks in this mix. What are your memories of first hearing Dub Be Good To Me and CJ Bolland?

To me Dub Be Good To Me is just one of those timeless pop classics that I can't recall ever hearing the first time. It has just always been there. That CJ Bolland track is actually really new to me, I didn't hear it until earlier this year. Before that I thought I had heard all the good 90s dance tracks already but luckily i was wrong.

Why are you attracted to music of this era?

I'm attracted to songs more than anything so basically all eras are equal to me. Sometimes a specific era just feels better than the other. Currently it's not the 90s, tbh.

So Free from your last album had a feature from Paula Abdul. How does that even happen?

Thinking that now it actually sounds pretty crazy. But everything happened very smoothly. A friend happened to be involved with her back then which was obviously crucial. Otherwise we wouldn't have had any access to her. He forwarded our inquiry to Paula, and since she was genuinely into our music, she decided to give it a try. Another good example of how wild and stupid ideas usually work out the best.

What is the concept behind Our Nation? The artwork revealed so far suggests careful consideration.

Quite the opposite actually. We wanted to do something that combines elements we think are interesting regardless of whether they fit together or not. And we didn't want anything to be too planned out. This idea was definitely part of the artwork as well, the photoshoot was very improvised.

Swallow - Oceans And Blue Skies
??? - ???
Beats International - Dub Be Good To Me
Future Sound Of London - Cascade
Sun Angels - All About Our Love
How To Dress Well - & It Was You (Doss Remix)
CJ Bolland - Camargue
Tink - Somebody Else
Everything But The Girl - Before Today
Quam - Iz
Kingdom - Bank Head feat. Kelela
Janet Jackson - Empty

September 19, 2013 at 5:35pm in modcast



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