Modcast #163: Francis Inferno Orchestra

Jump into the flames of Francis Inferno Orchestra, the Melbourne producer who's marked his turf as a deep sample-house wonder from down under. His finest has been championed by the likes of Mark E, 6th Borough Project, The Revenge and Jacques Renault and endorsed with top shelf remixes from Soul Clap and Linkwood. We're still praising him for the work he did remixing Softwar for Club Mod, turning Believe into a bewitching spell of late night tension.

Plug in the headphones and surrender to this quality mixtape. Read on for our Q&A with the charmer, discussing his Northern Hemisphere relocation, 90s hip hop and his insatiable appetite for KFC.

You've spent the last few months based in London and touring Europe. How has it been going?

Fantastic, so far its been a great combination of touring, working on new material and having a fun time doing everything else with my girlfriend and friends

From your observations of the places visited, where is the club scene strongest?

I know that everyone would normally go straight for the Berlin answer, but I don't really think thats the case. I'd actually probably say London at the moment (biased I know) but because it being such a multicultural hub, it has given London so many strong little music scenes all over the city focusing on such a range of music, thats way cooler I think.

Have you had studio access while you've been away? Have your continental experiences been informing a new sound?

Yep, luckily I have some great friends with fulltime jobs and a studio they can only touch 2 days of the week. I'm getting more of a diverse use on hardware than i ever did in Melbourne which is kind of hilarious. Otherwise when I'm not in a studio I'm just down to the basics of a laptop and midi controller to jam out ideas, it was kinda weird to begin with but I'm getting into the rhythm now and some cool material has come of it!

What was the defining artist or record that got you into deep house?

I'm not exactly sure what record got me into it exactly, but I can listen to anything by Anthony 'Shake' Shakir and realize exactly why I love dance music.

Does this Modcast come with a users guide?

I tried to make it as much of a journey as your could in 1 hour, so does the whole build up and build down thing. I recorded it just after one of my music heroes George Duke died so I had to include 'Faces In The Reflection' to wrap it up. Sit back and relax with your friends and enjoy!

Top 5 sci-fi films?

1 Star Wars series
2 They Live
3 Terminator 2
4 Total Recall
5 Mad Max 2

Top 5 90s hip-hop records?

1 De La Soul - Stakes Is High
2 Crooklyn Dodgers - Return of The Crooklyn Dodgers
3 Pete Rock - Soul Survivor
4 Mos Def - Black on Both Sides
5 Old Dirty Bastard - Return To the 36 Chambers

Where does the name Francis Inferno Orchestra come from? Am I missing a reference?

There's not real reference, I wish I had some fantastic story but I don't. I just wanted my name to sound like a disco symphony when I started producing, so my friend came up with it.

A little bird told me that you're REALLY into KFC. In your mind, what's their specialty?

I get asked this shit almost everywhere, I love that word on the street regardless of where I am in the world is how much I enjoy KFC. Let me just say this, the pre 2012 ultimate zinger burger meal was a better treasure than most things in this universe. Zinger burger + Large chips (extra salt surely) + 3 wicked wings + Dinner roll + Potato & Gravy + Large Pepsi.

To be honest the KFC in UK & Europe is terrible so count your blessings on how good we have it back home.

What's next on the horizon for FIO?

A new EP for Let's Play House is due in December. Along with some remixes I have just finished, and maybe a mini LP somewhere in the mix there. Also look out for some collabs from homies here in London. There will be more info on that soon.


Tony Hymas - Communication Centre
Vakula - For Juju & Jordash
Moon B - Untitled
Tornado Wallace - Okavango Delta
Jayson Brothers - Love Supreme
Sleep D - Rawtz
Jared Wilson - Ghettoblaster
Johannes Albert & Monosoul - Acid Queen (Lauer Remix)
Huerco S - Prinzif
HNNY - Mys (Young Marco Remix)
Damiano Von Ercket - The Dude Loop
Cerrone - La Secte De Marrakech
George Duke - Faces In Reflection

October 3, 2013 at 2:20pm in modcast



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