Modcast #188: Beni

Roaming party animal Beni celebrates the release of his new 'Protect / Can't Hide' EP in Australia tomorrow (14 July in the Uk), packaging some of his best work to date with versatile remixes from Prince Club, Indian Summer and wordlife. Losing sleep in anticipation, he's cooked up this playlist of club heaters, touching on the menacing 'Can't Hide' and 'Protect's 90s vocal house. Feel the energy and read on as we get to know this magnetic character.

Can you run me through a typical day in the life of Beni?

OK, generally I get up and go for a run first thing. Its a good time to listen to what I've been doing in the studio without any distractions. Where I live in Sydney is right on the harbour so its always a nice way to start the day. After that I'll go home make breakfast and take a five minute walk to my studio. The building I'm in also houses wordlife, Flight Facilities, Cassian and even more music dudes so we jump between studios listening to what everyones been doing but sometimes you don't see anyone. Finally it's lunch time and I normally walk up to the train station and take the train to Chinatown for ramen or dumplings, before I'm back at the studio working on music. Then it's either home to make dinner and watch movies or going out with friends. If its the weekend, I'm in between airports, hotels, clubs, bars, and restaurants in that order.

You seem to spend a lot of time plugged into the internet. What are the 5 best things you've discovered on it recently?

Oh shit ok. Jennifer Is A Party Pooper, you seen that, the one where the kid scares his dad. "Bonjourno!". Brown Cardigan is always good, Mike Sydney's Facebook and I spend a lot of time on Beatport filtering through thousands of horrible tracks to find one or two decent ones.

What fading memories of the pre-internet age are you holding on to?

Talking to people face to face.

How did Antony and Cleopatra come into the mix for the new EP's lead single 'Protect'?

They sent us some acapellas. 'Protect' was one that Kim and I wrote a beat to and got them to re-sing it. It wasn't actually that simple but thats the short version.

You're in the middle of your EP tour. What do you enjoy most about being on the road?

To be honest I still love DJing as much as ever so thats usually the best, and eating at different restaurants is always a plus.

As founder and resident of Bang Gang at the height of its powers, are there any clubs in Australia today that you think touch on the special kind of atmosphere that Bang Gang cultivated so well?

The closest thing is Survivor/Power Station in Melbourne. Apart from that it's hard to find that one of a kind PARTY atmosphere.

You've been remixed by some serious talent from legends Dimitri From Paris and DJ Sneak to newer guns L-Vis 1990 and Brodinski. That must feel validating. Turning the tables, who are you itching to remix?

Rihanna in my bedroom would be very validating

Have you ever been confused for J-Pop superstar Beni?

Only on the internet. There was a week when I was getting hundreds of Facebook likes from Japan then we realised they thought they were liking 'The Other Beni'.


1. Beni - 4 Bars of Can't Hide
2. Sonny Fodera & Bontan - Reach Out
3. Phil Weeks - Disco Inferno
4. Nadastrom - Fallen Down (Justin Martin remix)
5. Gerd - Work Da Tool
6. Yolanda Be Cool - Cause i Like it
7. Beni - Protect
8. Jimmy Edgar - Strike
9. Steve Silk Hurley Ft Sharon Pass - The Word Is Love (Alfred Azzeto Classic Re-Work Remix)
10. Tracey Hamlin - Home (Todd Patterson's Home Girl Squad Dub)
11. Nicky Night Time - Everybody Together
12. Celsius - Incoming
13. Swarm - New York Transit Authority
14. Marquis Hawkes - Outta This Hood
15. Beni - Can't Hide (Prince Club remix)

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