Modcast #49: Tame Impala Mixtape #1 - Nick Allbrook

Modcast #49: Tame Impala Mixtape #1 - Nick Allbrook

Over the coming weeks, each member of Tame Impala will be producing a mixtape consisting of the tunes that make them tick to help gear us up for the release of InnerSpeaker, next month. First up is guitarist Nick Allbrook, who's playlist delves into the spacier side of sounds (Television, Spacemen 3, Flaming Lips and plenty more).

1. Iggy Pop - "Success"

"Possibly the best song to walk out of your door wearing new shoes to. Note David Bowie echoing Iggy's trash bag junkie rantings toward the end."

2. Television - "Marquee Moon"
3. T-Rex - "Pavilions of Sun"
4. The Beach Boys - "Wild Honey"
5. Flaming Lips - "Aquarius Sabotage"

"I had a dream I was dancing on stage with them last night, dressed as a spaceman with a face in his stomach. I was a bit late trying to convince my aunty that she would never see anything like it ever again, even though it was at six in the morning. speaking of spacemen..."

6. Spacemen 3 - "Amen"
7. White Denim - "Mirrored and Reverse"
8. Jonathan Wilson - "Can We Really Party Today?"

"We met this fellow playing bass for the lovely Jenny Lewis at V Festival, and he gave me one of the best albums I've ever heard, called Gentle Spirit, by him.

9. Suicide - "Ghost Rider"
10. Pikelet - "Endurance Hunter"

"The embarrassingly talented Evelyn Morris' first album with the full Pikelet band."

11. My Bloody Valentine - "Only Shallow"

"This was included at Jay's request. He couldn't put it on his list because it was inconsistent with his theme."

12. David Bowie - "Station to Station"
13. Outkast - "Pink & Blue"

"'The Love Below' half of this album, by Andre 3000 may possibly be the most brilliant musical achievement since the invention of the ear."

14. Graham Nash "I Used To Be A King"

April 28, 2010 at 4:26pm in modcast, Tame Impala



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