Recommends: Nick Allbrook (Pond) Best of 2013

Recommends: Nick Allbrook (Pond) Best of 2013

Charismatic frontman Nick Allbrook survives the Midnight Mass (At The Market Street Payphone) launch distaster to give us his bugged out end of year review. Don't miss Nick and his cronies taking the Pond gospel to the streets this month, their first Australian dates since the release of Hobo Rocket.

"This year I joined a rock band! We even recorded an album and R going 2 B massiv (seriously though Peter Bibby's album is really great) It was sooooo cool X{D my fav part was goin 2 the ARIAS OMG i saw that shithead from big brother - HOT!!! This is my list.

Le1f - Tree House

This guy is fucking awesome. The various people he gets on production duties are kickass and his voice is sexy enough to make (insert-some-mildly-sexually-controversial-pop-culture-figure) blush. Apparently theres a big thing about him doing "gay rap" but I never really got that gimmick side of it. Its just awesome, theatrical, sensual, lyrical, psychedelic, danceable hip-hop.

Did Solange's thing come out this year? If so thats badass too (subtlelistgrowth)

Camp Doogs

Some really, really rad Perth crew from bands like Usurper Of Modern Medicine and Doctopus put together a festival around Nannup and it didn't even turn out to be a big fucked up bush was a real goddamn festival!!! With good sound and camping and toilets and everything! They did it proper and true, and filled it with love and energy and sick bands. It was the most enjoyable festival experience of my life and i hope it happens again.

Fremantle Dockers

I been waiting since 1995 and it finally happened (kinda). They turned into big boys and bludgeoned Geelong. Fyfe, Walters, Mzungu, Pav, many lords.



I can't express how truly amazing this is. Thank you Mr. Fosho, thank you.


These guys must be awesome, coz everything they post is awesome. Skateboards and hip-hop and basketball and George Clooney and...yeah, sweet stuff. Now my lazy internet trawling can be even lazier.

Almost competes with for my most visited place on the internet (subtlelistgrowth2)"

December 5, 2013 at 5:12pm in news, Pond



18.04.14 - Boogie

Tallarook VIC
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06.05.14 - Arctic Monkeys

Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia

06.05.14 - Primavera Sound

Barcelona, Spain

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Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia

09.05.14 - Arctic Monkeys

Rod Laver Arena , Melbourne, Australia

10.05.14 - Arctic Monkeys

Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Adelaide, Australia

13.05.14 - Arctic Monkeys

Perth Arena , Perth, Australia

08.06.14 - Field Day


09.06.14 - Pond

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10.06.14 - Pond

Koko, London

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