Virtual Kris Kringle #3: Graz

Virtual Kris Kringle #3: Graz

Ever wonder what Graz would buy Canyons with $20? Neither did we, but the results are nothing short of sentimental in this Virtual Kris Kringle.

Album of 2009: Faze Action - Stratus Energy

Song of 2009: Does it have to be released in 2009? That one is tough, I had to check my iTunes and click "most played" none in the top 20 were released in 2009. But number 21 was: Who Made Who - "Keep Me in My Plane" a 2009 ripper. I love that song.

Favourite Xmas Dish: The porcelain ones, I can't stand those paper plates, they are structurally "unsound".

Favourite Xmas Song: I have an old record that is called Mexican Christmas Disco Party or some shit. Its half mariachi style and a little bit disco. Heaps of trumpets. I am definitely going to play it at the Xmas Party. Im not sure what the songs are called because they are in Mexican. I'm pretty sure that one is meant to be "Silent Night". That one is my favourite.

Complete this sentence: "I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but __________ had one of the greatest __________ of all time."

I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Dorjsuren Otgonbayar had one of the greatest facial expressions of all time.

$20 present for Canyons: For $20 I would get the Canyons' Boys just short of a 2% stake in Dorjsuren Otgonbayar's New Business. He needs 2 million tugrug about ($1381USD) to get shit rolling. He will buy a new whip for his family and hopefully put some 26's on it (looks like he's only rolling on 14's at current). He will also buy some skins and wools and use his whip to travel to the Central Market in Ulaanbaatar and sells them for a profit. he will also payback the loan.

If Dorjsuren pays back the loan then Canyons will be able to use that cash to invest in something else, and before you know it they will have convenience stores in Uganda, taxi's in Togo, and a portion of a fishery in the Philippines. So next time you are purchase that felafel to eat you may want to ask "hey do you know the Canyons by any chance?"

December 8, 2009 at 3:58pm in news, Canyons



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