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On the eve of the release of their debut self-titled album, we caught up with Dinamo Azari and Alphose Alixander Lanza III from Azari & III to get an insight into their musical and creative influences.

They compiled the following list - an inventory of music, videos and general sources of inspiration.

Azari & III will perform for the first time in Australia as part of the Vivid Live festival, and release their debut self-titled album on August 12 down under via Modular Recordings.

Catch Azari & III live:
Fri 27 May - @ VIVID w/Bag Raiders, The Swiss, Beni - Sydney Opera House - TICKETS
Sat 28 May - Super Disco, Prince Bandroom, Melbourne
Fri 3 June - Bowler Bar, Brisbane (DJ set)
Sat 4 June - Trinity Bar, Canberra (DJ set)
Sun 5 June - @ VIVID w/Daniele Baldelli, Horse Meat Disco - Sydney Opera House - TICKETS

1. Water-Powered Spaceship

2. Metropolis, by Fritz Lang, music by The XX

3. Synth Britannia

4. Cephus and Reesie - WeTight

5. Childhood Fav Video - 'Being Boring' The Pet Shop Boys

6. New Order - Ceremony (Original 7" Single Version)

7.Brian Eno - An Ending (ascent)

8.Water-Powered Spaceship


1. Eddy Grant
Electric Avenue woke me right up as a very young kid, such dope synth action and great monotonous groove. Bouncin' in da (baby) crib jamz.

2. Dune (David Lynch)
Didn't make a lot of sense when I first watched it, but inspired a kind of stoned meditative state. Lynch's movies were a staple of my youth, especially when viewed on LSD.

3. LSD
After 1000+ trips we were reading each other's minds, often quite upset with what we read! This stuff also awoke the dreamer, and forever after life became the dream canvas.

4. Afghani Black
The classic, forever lost in the modern world it seems, even Amsterdam has gone all Moroccan. Google "bottle tokes" for a slice of Southern Ontario culture circa 80's 90's

5. Late 80's, early 90's brit wave
JAMC, MBV, Slowdive, Pastels, Cocteau Twins, Pale Saints etc etc - washy come down classics that sound as great today as they did then ... the only era that really gets me sentimental.

6. Plastikman
First techno record I bought was Spastik. Like the LCD song, I sold my guitar to buy turntables to impress my techno-head love interest at the time, Mia-Lyn. Her friends made fun of my 1966 Gibson ES335 so I pawned it. A few years later when house had again replaced techno is the in shit, the same dude's were like, ""Yo ditch the 808 and rock a 909, throw some guitars on that ... "I basically decided to never listen to a fuckin thing anyone tells me ever again, just do my shit. But that was my impetus to get on the decks, and while guitars and the like are still my mainstay, this DJin shit pays the rent till my magnum mod rock opus drops.

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20.09.14 - Movement

The Beacham Theatre, Orlando, FL, USA

21.09.14 - Movement

Grand Central, Miami, FL, USA

23.09.14 - Movement

Masquerade, Atlanta, GA, USA

24.09.14 - Movement

Cannery Ballroom, Nashville, TN, USA

26.09.14 - Movement

9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA

27.09.14 - Movement

Union, Philadelphia, PA, USA

29.09.14 - On & On & On & On / Missive EP

29.09.14 - Movement

Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA, USA

30.09.14 - Movement

Terminal 5, New York, NY, USA

02.10.14 - Movement

Virgin Mobil Corona Theatre, Montreal, OC, USA

03.10.14 - Movement

Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto, ON, USA

04.10.14 - Movement

St Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI, USA

06.10.14 - Movement

Double Door, Chicago, IL, USA

07.10.14 - Movement

Metro, Chicago, IL, USA

08.10.14 - Movement

First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA

10.10.14 - Movement

Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO, USA

11.10.14 - Movement

In The Venue, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

14.10.14 - Movement

The Showbox, Seattle, WA, USA

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