Download: Modular Mixtape 2 - Midnight

Download: Modular Mixtape 2 - Midnight

Here's a little mid-week mixtape that Chris our A&R man has put together for you. This is one to put on in the wee hours and vibe out.

Tracklist and a few thoughts below.

1. Active Child - Playing House
Such a great song. Really feel like this album will be one of 2011's best for sure.

2. Grizzly Bear - Shift (Alternate Version)
I first heard this song on a film not long ago and was immediately blown away to the point where I stopped the movie and searched for the song. As haunting as it is beautiful.

3. Devendra Banhart - Walilamdzi
Devendra is one of the kookiest/coolest motherfuckers walking this earth. This song is beautifully organic and although Im not sure what he's singing about, you can't deny it sounds great.

4. Liars - The Overachievers (by Devendra Banhart and The Grogs
I really really vibed on the weirdness of this remix. Yes, we are doubling up on old DB on this playlist, but you can't deny how amazing this version. Check the original to get an understanding how different this version is.

5. Grinderman - Man on the Moon
Nick Cave. The master of the late night tales ... The lyrics in this track are pretty amazing. I don't want to get too deep in to it as it would be wrong to assume my take on it is the right way about it, but take what you will from one of the best song writers ever.

6. Santo and Johnny - Summertime
Santo and Johnny perfectly deliver a song that can only be described as an aural version of midnight on on an empty street... Cold as ice.

7. JJ Cale - Magnolia
The king of Tulsa, JJ is one of the greats. His bourbon soaked voice brings back memories of long summer nights with friends and past loves.

8. Led Zeppelin - That's The Way
One of my favourite tunes from the masters. Story goes Mr Plant and Mr Page sat down with guitar in hand while on retreat in Wales. It was such a beaut that Scarlet Page was conceived only half an hour after this ditty was written. Read into this what you will...

9. Bob Dylan - Ballad Of A Thin Man
One of Bobby D's heavier hitting songs. Sprawling as ever, Bob sounds like a rambling homeless man, and it's perfect.

10. The Velvet Underground - Oh! Sweet Nuthin
The title really says it all... The thing I love most about The Velvet Underground is the imperfections in their tracks. Here we have a stained vocal from Doug Yule, not Lou Reed which is quite surprisingly great. This track is on the album 'Loaded' Lou Reed's final album with the band.

11. Yo La Tengo - Let's Be Still
You know that feeling when the sun rises over an empty city and it seems all the sins from the night before have been washed away? Well this song reminds me of that feeling. Easily my favourite YLT track.

12. NDF - Since We Last Met
This track is something special. It's a dance tune without being too dance. An indie track without being too indie. It's perfection. Every part of the song makes sense.

If you want more streams of consciousness in musical form, check out Chris' blog.

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