Recommends: Naysayer & Gilsun Best of 2013

Recommends: Naysayer & Gilsun Best of 2013

Wow it's that time ALREADY? Cool the panic as Naysayer & Gilsun kick off our end of year Recommends series by counting down their 2013 highlights. The duo poll high on our own list with the refined minimal house EP All That Good Work / Blue on Club Mod. Revisit it here.

Luke Neher aka Naysayer

Two thousand and thirteen. A year of musical neogenesis and spiritual regeneration. For many of us the dry scrubland was burnt off to make way for a blossoming new undergrowth. Amongst the soot and charred earth we found not just new sounds, but old ones; re-issues. Five re-issues.

1. Soul Capsule - Overcome

"Like Woo!" Sickeningly smooth. Jackin beat. Probably uses some famous drum machine or something. "Fly that fast"?

2. Kruder/Dorfmeister - G Stoned

Music from the future but produced in 1993. The Simon and Garfunkel cover art is very big.

3. M&M - m+m Theme

Bouncy capricious house music. Reminds me of all the songs you hear before you regret staying out so late.

4. Four Tet - Rounds

Didn't actually buy this but it is a great album and it *was* re-issued this year, technically.

5. Tyree - Nuthin Wrong

"I hope she - If I hit it!" I think this song is about sex. Chicago house.

Sam Gill aka Gilsun

Here are some of the things that didn't fly right over my head in 2013...

#1 Album That Made Me Say Things Like "You've Gotta Hear This Thing. It's, Like, Fuck...I Can't Describe It" All Year

Musically, Holden sounds to me like a wild, bearded explorer hacking his way through the bush. His LP, The Inheritors, is the sparkling, untouched oasis he found beyond the madness.

#1 Film That Left Me Feeling Ill, Ignorant But Completely Blown Away

If you haven't seen Joshua Oppenheimer's documentary The Act of Killing yet, make sure it gets shifted to the top of your list (though, definitely not after your family lunch at Christmas or something). Go check out all of its hyperbolic sales pitches from Herzog and Errol Morris if you don't believe me.

#1 Book That Ought To Make Everyone's Christmas/Hanukkah Lists


John Safran's Murder in Mississippi is yet another solid dot-point on his application for True Blue National Treasure status. Excellent stuff.

#1 Melbourne Comic That Looks Like A Young, Australian Garry Shandling


I was lucky enough to see Luke McGregor do stand-up at Steele Saunders' night at Public Bar a couple of times this year. If you ever get the chance to see him, just do it. His style is difficult to describe but impossible to forget.

#1 Track By A Band I Love But Have Recently Neglected

I've always been a big fan of YLT, but never quite delved into their discography properly. Having been properly knocked out by their last LP, Fade, it's safe to say I'm back on the wagon.

#1 Podcast Made By A Few Really Great Guys In Melbourne

The Fireside Chat is one of my favourite podcasts. Hosts Matt, Ed and Alex have come up with a potent mix of really engaging conversation with observational and improv comedy. There are also a ton of dick jokes and references to Hitler, too, so everyone's a winner.

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22.08.14 - Paredes de Coura Festival

Porto, Portugal

24.08.14 - Rock En Seine

Paris, France

27.08.14 - Cut Copy

Magnolia, Milan, Italy

28.08.14 - Cut Copy

Zurich Open Air, Opfikon, Switzerland

04.09.14 - Movement

Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane, Australia

05.09.14 - Movement

Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, Australia

06.09.14 - Movement

Newtown Social Club, Sydney, Australia

10.09.14 - Movement

Newtown Social Club, Sydney, Australia

13.09.14 - Cut Copy

Samsung Hall, Manila, Philippines

16.09.14 - Cut Copy

The Republik, Honolulu, HI

20.09.14 - Hellow Festival

Monterrey, Mexico

29.10.14 - The Presets

Danforth, Toronto, ON, Canada

30.10.14 - The Presets

Club Tulipe, Montreal, QC, Canada

02.11.14 - The Presets

930 Club, Washington, DC, USA

04.11.14 - The Presets

Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, USA

05.11.14 - The Presets

Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN, USA

06.11.14 - The Presets

Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA, USA

08.11.14 - The Presets

Fun Fun Fun Festival, Austin, TX, USA

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