Recommends: Record Store Day, Pt 2

Recommends: Record Store Day, Pt 2

Continuing our preparations and list-making for Record Store Day this coming Saturday April 21, today we're sharing a couple more stories and sweet tips.

Dinamo Azari from Azari & III, Michaek Kucyk, host of Melbourne's iconic RRR radio show 'Noise In My Head', and Nick Allbrook of Pond / Tame Impala fame all share a special record / store moment with you.

Most cherished record:

Pal Joey's SOHO/Hot Music on Koolgroove Limited. It's on 12" blue vinyl; only 25 copies were made. Pal himself had not even seen it until I showed him.

I bought it at the late legendary Dancetracks record store at 91 East 3rd Street in the East Village NYC in the 90's.

Michael Kucyk hosts Noise in My Head on Melbourne's community radio station, RRR. A radio show of cult status, the man behind it has spent many an hour inside record stores of all descriptions and in all corners of the world.

Run by upcoming Noise In My Head guest Eiji Taniguchi, Osaka's Revelation Time is the promised land for enthusiasts of exotic ambient, proto-techno, psych rock, weirdo disco, world rhythms and reggae culture. Not a shit record in sight.

The devoted proprietor travels to Utrecht (the world's largest record fair) twice a year via the UK and onwards through France and Germany, shipping home crates and crates of the rarest delights. A true labour of love for this man of immaculate taste.

I spent four consecutive afternoons here, continually losing my mind over new discoveries and Eiji's in tune suggestions. Eiji even shut shop for a day to take me digging in neighbouring city Kobe, prompting my knowledge of Japanese grooves to expand tenfold. Be sure to check likeminded store Rare Groove if you're in the neighbourhood - Mark E, Tim Sweeney, Idjut Boys and Prins Thomas can vouch that this is another Shinsaibashi hot spot!

This is the worst experience I have had with records, but I think it exemplifies the emotional and sentimental power of vinyl.

I was catching the train to my parents house, possibly a little high, to return a bunch of records that my father had lent me. It included - all as original 70's copies - 'Deep Purple In Rock', 'Led Zeppelin II', 'Disraeli Gears', Black Sabbath self titled and some Grateful Dead and New Riders Of The Purple Sage records. I was sitting on the train in my reverie, rolling softly in to the port of Fremantle with those crane dinosaurs dipping over the harbor and the warfie's toil canisters of imported loot, all drummed up by the orange west coast sunset - the potential of a green flash - soaked up and I got straight up and walked auto-pilot to my folks place. 7 minutes, eyes on my feet and no care singing little songs in my own cranium. I turned the corner to Barnett St and suddenly a great weight dropped on my head. Records. I had no records. My fathers records. I sat down at the corner of the street and contemplated my catastrophe with my head in my hands, no particular resolution in mind, the though of speaking the truth projected in front.

I told my Dad and he was, surprisingly for my father, quite upset. But unlike most human beings my Dad got over it within about 15 minutes, and the years since then have been dedicated to the re-establishment of my old man's record collection. I have since got him 'In Rock', 'All Things Must Pass', The Paperhead, Sabbath, Cream, 'John Barleycorn Must Die' and some others.

People don't give a shit if you lose a CD. It belongs on the floor being used as a frisbee or as an inter-highway battle projectile. Records are for all time, you give them to your godson and he gives them to theirs. They are large hopeful pieces of whimsical art - as big as your head - too big for their established purpose but too precious to be handled like a piece of barely tangible imagined electronic sound wave; the format of music as it is handled today.

Vinyls mean a lot to people. They are family heirlooms and if you have any forward thought you will make some and save them for the future.

April 18, 2012 at 10:30pm in recommends, Tame Impala, Azari & III, Pond



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