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Bag Raiders - Bag Raiders

October 1, 2010

Chances are, if you’ve stumbled into a club, wobbled at a party, looked into the light at a festival or dawdled along the radio dial in the last 2 years, you’ve been inadvertently exposed to the Bag Raiders. Now the boys are finally ready to deliver their long overdue and lovingly anticipated debut self-titled album later this year.

A collection of thoughts, ideas and memories, Bag Raiders transcends typical dance and pop boundaries, showcasing the creativity of a band at the forefront of modern production. The album ticks the right boxes for fans new and old, coming correct with sing-a-long choruses, deep-breath anthems, blissful chill and pure dancefloor energy. In short Bag Raiders debut album adds a new dimension in the cluttered and diluted dance world. The duo’s reputation internationally grew, and when they released a little ditty titled ‘Shooting Stars’ they reached every corner of the world, making them a household name among in-the-know indie kids, the sweaty dance faithful and the DJs across the globe.

The first taste of the record and sequel to the aforementioned Shooting Stars will be the first single Way Back Home. This swirling anthemic affair is a dancefloor call to arms (or hands in the air), with a beautifully moody performance by Martin Soloman from Sydney band Wim, who broods his way through a poignant display of affection, percussion and ecstasy.

Prepare yourself, for the culmination of these moments and experiences is now here, in 49 minutes of take home, glistening glory. Bon appétit.

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  1. Castles In The Sky
  2. Sunlight
  3. Shooting Stars
  4. So Demanding
  5. Gone Away
  6. Prelude
  7. Not Over
  8. Snake Charmer
  9. Always
  10. Golden Wings
  11. Way Back Home

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