Keep Your Dreams

Canyons - Keep Your Dreams

October 28, 2011

The long awaited debut album from Canyons seamlessly travels through the many generations of dance culture from freeform hippies frolicking green pastures, through to the liberating New York lofts, mid-tempo sun kissed balearia, the hard edged body music of Chicago and exhilarating 90s vocal house.

The Australian duo have taken a musical approach guided by intuition and feel, Canyons have forged their own identity amongst a sea of comers, goers and imitators............Keep Your Dreams.

  1. Circadia
  2. Under a Blue Sky
  3. My Rescue
  4. See Blind Through
  5. Sun and Moon
  6. Blue Snakes
  7. The Bridge
  8. When I See You Again
  9. Tonight
  10. And We Dance
  11. Land In Between

Canyons - See Blind Through

See Blind Through is the first single from Canyons' debut album Keep Your Dreams in all of its 12" glory.

Canyons - My Rescue

Canyons' debut single on Modular Recordings, 'My Rescue' is available now for one and all on limited edition 12" format....

Canyons Canyons


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