In Ghost Colours

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

March 22, 2008

In Ghost Colours traverses genres effortlessly, from "Hearts On Fire's" epic sax-house to the noisy blissout of "So Haunted". For Cut Copy the record was an exercise in drawing parallels between favourites old and new and trying to find a meeting point in between - from the vocodered robo-pop of French house to soaring harmonies to the texture of shoegaze, In Ghost Colours lands at some sort of trans-galaxial intersection between these disparate planets.

  1. Feel The Love
  2. Out There On The Ice
  3. Lights & Music
  4. We Fight For Diamonds
  5. Unforgettable Season
  6. Midnight Runner
  7. So Haunted
  8. Voices In Quartz
  9. Hearts On Fire
  10. Far Away
  11. Silver Thoughts
  12. Strangers In The Wind
  13. Visions
  14. Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
  15. Eternity One Night Only

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