Ladyhawke - Anxiety

May 25, 2012

Eighteen months in the making, 'Anxiety' carries ten instant classics, each brimming over with irresistible hooks, fresh beats and ear-grabbing synth sounds.

So far, so Ladyhawke, but changes are afoot. The last album's signature instrument was unquestionably the analogue synthesizer. 'Ladyhawke' was all about Pip exploring the keyboards, which built the soundworld of her '80s heroes [chiefly: ELO and Fleetwood Mac]. This time, she has re-embraced the trusty implement, upon which not only the whole history of rock 'n' roll rests, but her own career, too - the electric guitar.

Before she dreamt up her solo alter ego, Pip's rep back home was as a guitarist, not an ivory-tinkler. "For years, I was known as the rock chick," she says, "because I played the Gibson Explorer guitar, and then I played a Firebird [two quintessentially rockin' models]. I was always the girl playing heavy guitar and doing solos - you know, like, off to the side." So, after touring 'Ladyhawke' around the globe, Pip decided to re-activate those skills, as the basis of a thrilling new sound for her second record.

'Anxiety' is duly awash with riffs and lovingly distorted guitar textures, bringing added energy and excitement to her insanely catchy melodies. 'Blue Eyes', for instance, features pulse-racing blasts of six-string noize, a wiggy solo, and a "na-na" chorus, all harking back to the age of glam-rock, and one of Pip's absolute idols, Joan Jett. The title track's refrain, meanwhile, hinges on stadium-torching chord changes, while 'Black, White & Blue' has the fuzzy, disorientated vibe of a 1966 proto-psychedelic garage-rock nugget, plus another hot, spangly solo!

Its out now through Modular

  1. Girl Like Me
  2. Sunday Drive
  3. Black White & Blue
  4. Vaccine
  5. Blue Eyes
  6. Vanity
  7. The Quick & the Dead
  8. Anxiety
  9. Cellophane
  10. Gone Gone Gone

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