Ice Cream/Sweaty

Muscles - Ice Cream/Sweaty


Since early 2006, the one man phenomenon Muscles has been making some serious noise both locally and internationally. His sound is built around keyboards, synths packaged full of extraordinary party anthems, explosive vocal harmonies, rigid techno, lo-fi house and soft trance. The first two releases from Muscles forthcoming longplayer debut are Ice Cream & Sweaty. Both singles restart the running machine and kick the already escalating hysteria into a fun fuelled frenzy of dance floor mayhem. Sweaty is an extraordinary party anthem, manifested into a homemade bomb of vocal harmony, with snippets of early techno, lo-fi house and soothing soft trance synths, whilst Ice Cream separates you from the outside world and transports you to all the glorious elements of life.

  1. Ice Cream
  2. Sweaty
  3. Ice Cream (Sly Hats Remix)
  4. Ice Cream (Instrumental)

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