Van She - V

August 9, 2008

Van She's debut record V is on the surface, simply fun, catchy pop songs, while below, the album is full of secrets, signs and symbols. Featuring the psychedelic whirlpool that is "Cat & The Eye", the pumping post-disco of "Strangers" and the uplifting dancethem "Changes" next to the reborn version of their classic track "Kelly", the band have leapt for the clouds but landed on the moon, exceeding all expectations.

  1. Memory Man
  2. Cat & the Eye
  3. Changes
  4. Strangers
  5. It Could Be The Same
  6. The Sea
  7. Virgin Suicide
  8. Temps Mort
  9. Talkin
  10. Kelly
  11. So High
  12. A Sharp Knife

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