Leave Them All Behind

Various Artists - Leave Them All Behind

December 4, 2005

Action! Now! It’s been said before but let’s say it again-dance music didn’t die, it just cross bred with everything and the kitchen sink and turned into a gnarly, unpredictable little mutt humping the leg of the establishment. It’s the bastard child of floor filling and guitar spilling. Otherwise know as artrock /discopunk/ selfmutilatedmixrock or simply indie rock with a dance element (pick and choose at your leisure). Here the Modular label – the folk that brought us the widescreen cut ‘n’ paste work outs from The Avalanches and current electro pin ups Cut Copy - present the first instalment of rule breakers cutting a stylish rug on dance floors across the world.   


1. The Rakes - Retreat

2. Cut Copy - Bright Neon Payphone

3. Death From Above 1979 - Romantic Rights (Erol Alkan Remix)

4. The Long Blondes - Giddy Stratospheres

5. Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys

6. Panico - Transpiralo

7. Bloc Party - Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)

8. Rubicks - I See You

9. Fiery Furnaces - Single Again

10. Tom Vek - I Ain't Saying Goodbye

11. Whitey - Leave Them All Behind

12. Midnight Juggernauts - 45 & Rising (Cut Copy Remix)

13. Chromeo - Me & My Man (Whitey Remix)

14. Kiki & Silversurfer feat. Captain Comatose - Shake Off

15. The Knife - You Take My Breath Away (Mylo Remix)

16. The Presets - Girl & The Sea (Cut Copy Remix)

17. The Kills - Good Ones (Jagz Kooner Remix)

18. The Killers - Mr Brightside


1. Bloc Party - Banquet (Phones Remix)

2. Whitey - Leave Them All Behind

3. Long Blondes - Giddy Stratospheres

4. Kiki & Silversurfer feat. Captain Comatose - Shake Off

5. The Rakes - The Retreat (Phones mix)

6. The Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys

7. Panico - Transpiralo

8. VHS or Beta - Night On Fire (Cut Copy remix)

9. Presets - Summer Of Love

10.Chromeo - Needy Girl (Paper Faces remix)

11. Soulwax - E Talkin (Tiga remix)

12. Fiery Furnaces - Single Again

13. Sons & Daughters - Dance Me In (JD Twitch and The Truffle Club Optimo Mix)
14. DFA 1979 - Romantic Rights (Erol remix)

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